Center of Martial Arts “White Lotos”

Center of Martial Arts “White Lotos” is dedicated to fight and combat disciplines (BoxingMixed Martial ArtsMuay ThaiBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo and Taekwondo WTF). Since opening our doors in 2008 we have become one of the best known and the most system oriented among fight clubs and centers in Moscow. We are committed to offering our members only the highest levels of training, with experienced trainers who are inspired to push you and help you achieve your fitness goals. Our center offers classes for adults, children (from 3 y.) and the special program for women.

Due to elaboration of successful practical methods and systems approach we created the club attestation system for athletes of all ages. Our fight and combat classes are catered to help those with no experience to learn and develop skills that not only builds fitness but also teaches solid techniques. If you have already have experience, sign up with us today and train with our top quality trainers who can improve stamina and strength in order to put into action all the techniques which have been learnt.Moreover all our athletes have a good opportunity to take part in any level competitions and open rings all over the world.

Our latest development is a mobile application “White Lotos”, which could be downloaded to phone. It helps to monitor and assess efficiency of our training process. This informational space allows eliciting some principles from data in order to improve the training methods and make them more individual. 

Personal Training

For those who need cpecial and the most individual approach our center offers personal training. We have personal trainers from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, so whether you are looking to learn boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Sambo, Judo, Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ, Taekwondo or improve your fitness, work on strength and conditioning, focus on weight loss and nutritional advice or like the idea of functional training, there is someone here who can help you.

All our personal trainers have sports education and reliable professional experience.  They all are qualified trainers with wealth of experience with some having competed at professional level, winning medals and tournaments. So whatever your goals there is a Personal Trainer here for you.Your dedicated one-to-one session will be tailored for you and completely unique to ensure you get the results you desire.


Online Training

Recently we have started daily online sessions with our athletes. Now such an online training is available for all kinds of fight and combat disciplines learnt in our center. We offer online group classes and personal sessions as well. The success one can have with this program is almost the same.

If you want to learn how to box or fight and you have access and the means to join a boxing club or hire a trainer then that is exactly what you should do. Nothing can take the place of a real-life trainer giving you feedback and coaching tips in real-time or real-life partners that you can practice with.But when that club or trainer truly is not an option — then what is the alternative? You can either forget about boxing because you might learn bad habits or do what you can with what you can get. Besides this process is almost controlled by our professional trainers on a real time basis.